Svensby Tursenter offers

Snowshoes rental NOK 200,- per day. Additional days NOK 100,-

Trekking with guide, approximate duration 2 hours. NOK 800 per person. 

Bicycle rental including protective helmet NOK 300,- per day.

Bicycle safari with guide. Approximate duration 4 hours (June 25th - September 15th) NOK 1295,- per person.

Boat rental NOK 1100,- per day.


On your own

There are many ways to experience the nature on your own.


Marked hiking trails

Mountain climbing

Glacier trekking

Hunting and fishing (fee applies)

Fjord fishing

Plucking of berries and mushrooms

Tent Camping

Excellent terrain for skiing

State approved snowmobile trails

Chase the northern lights (September 15th - March 15th)

Possible to rent skiing equipment at Elektrosport Lyngseidet

Facebook: elektrosport.  Epost :


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